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I worked on a book and it's out!

Do you like comedy? Do you like ACTION? Do you like people standing around and having vaguely sad conversations? Do you like a secret fourth thing? If so than BOY do I have a piece of media for you! It's a compilation of comics by myself and a few other people!
It's called For The Love of Comics: Enter The Cat. I wrote a story for it called "I'm so Goddamn Tired" You may have seen an old version of it on this very site! I'll be linking where to buy the book below, and updating my 'Tired' page with content related to the new version!
Thank you for the support! Click here to order the book

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Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

Holy shit, holy SHIT. Bomb Rush Cyberfunk came out. If you're unaware, BRC is a spiritual sequel to JSR (Jet Set Radio). It's got the same style, the same vibe, the same composer, and somehow even better gameplay.
The goddamn movement tech in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is INSANE. JSRF with the trick system from Tony Hawk basically. You can combo shit in the most insane way. You can TAKE OFF YOUR SKATES as part of a combo. That is nuts.

Genuinely probably the most stylish game of all time. The style goes insanely hard. It looks like JSRF but with some really inventive unique color palletes, and without the realistic texture materials, like the metallic skates from JSRF. Everything is flat and illustrative. It could borderline be convincing as a screenshot from an anime at times.
In short, you should play this game. Also I remain the only trustworthy media critic in the world.

Art Block

Waking Down, huh? I haven't heard that name in ages... What's that? Sounds like some fleeting fantasy...
I'm back, everyone! And with me hopefully comes more comics. Waking Down Act 2 is something I really want to make. I know what the story is, but depression and art block just sort of make it hard to do. I've been pretty deep in art block recently. Been doodling a lot of crap but not with a lot of purpose.
I have a really really strong stylistic idea for Act 2 as well. It's going to look very different in a very good, very cool way. Please remain seated for the remainder of the ride!

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You Ever Start Typing Something Before You Know What You're Typing?

Because I sure do! I just did, in fact. Bet you never expected me to tie the title into the content directly, huh! Well here we are. I've created a great subversion, and you're sitting here being confused as to why I'm typing this!
Well, I don't have any huge art news to declare or anything. Just that the world is fun and I'm enjoying being in it. I do have gamer news, however.
Do you guys know Phantasy Star Online, the classic SEGA MMO for Dreamcast and Gamecube? Well, I just discovered there's private servers of it! I've been playing for a week and some change now on a server called Ultima. The community is fairly nice and welcoming despite their insane focus on trying to get to max level as fast as possible.
I highly encourage you to check it, and the other major private server for BSO Blue Burst, 'Ephinea' out! That is, if you like 90s MMO goodness. I know I sure do.
And if you see me on Ultima, don't forget to say hi! I'm called 'PinkTheCa'. I made a typo and I'm stuck with it!
TLDR: Play Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst on Ultima or Ephinea server!
I play on Ultima

Review of 'Gotcha Force!'

Gotcha Force!

A GameCube game most people know either because of how expensive it is to buy secondhand, or because Jerma apparently played it one time. I, however discovered it from a RebelTaxi video. The second I saw images of the character designs for the player characters I knew I'd love this game. I mean, look at them! These designs are insanely good.

If you're a fan of cool looking characters with weird bulky weapons, by god is this game for you.
Gotcha Force is a 3D arena fighter with a ginormous number of characters that you collect at random when completing certain fights. It really leans into the collection aspect, letting you trade with other people, or battle your characters against each other. Think of it sort of as Pokemon but with toys, and real time battles.

The battles are actually rather simple in their execution. Every stage is a real world environment, except you're really tiny. It's very charming.
You can use two different attacks in these fights, one of which changes from a projectile to a melee when you're close to an enemy, you can run, and you can jump. That's it. You're literally constantly locked on to something, whether it be something helpful, like the guy you're trying to fight, or something vert very unhelpful like an enemy all the way on the other side of the arena who you could not reasonably get to in any sort of timely fashion. Thankfully, you can switch which enemy that little reticle is aiming at with the click of a trigger. It's not very complicated, but it's really fun.
This is a game I'd absolutely suggest you pick up from a local game store! That is, if that was something even remotely feasible. The game sells for ridiculous amounts of money nowadays, so I'd just do the reasonable thing and emulate it! Nobody would be getting any money from the resales anyway.

In conclusion, Gotcha Force gets 4 out of 5 hats! Play it.

Temp Article Title (Things to Come)

"Blog Post, now!", they say! "Where is update????", I hear the voices cry. Those voices may or may not be in my head, but something that I'm like 60% certain is NOT in my head is this goddamn blog. One that I've been outright neglecting for a month. I can just taste the dust in here. Seriously, it's gross, aren't dust mites alive?
Anyway. I'm back! And It's time for some huge changes here. It's summer now, which means fewer prior commitments for students such as I, and more free time to type code in a black box on Neocities in a pitch black room surrounded by manga and plushes like a NEET.
The first of these changes is going to be the format of this blog. There's still going to be weird stream of consciousness stuff like this, don't you worry, but I'm also going to start doing media reviews! Reviews of manga, video games, anime, movies, soda, graffiti, food, empty bean cans I see on the side of the road, Ol' Jeb, basically anything I wanna write about! This is, I feel, going to be a pretty fun project for me.
I'm also going to upload more comics and art, so stay tuned.

Today's Splash: Sort of similar to Crazy Taxi for the SEGA Dreamcast!

Lost and in Progress

There's quite a few lost things I've prepped for this site that have yet to be implemented. A lot of it I really would like to eventually but there's so much lost or on hold content here, so I thought it'd be fun to make a post detailing some of the things yet to make it onto the site!.

First off, there's this! It may not look like much but it's an alternate version of my main page header where Pink is looking at the word bubble instead of into the camera. The reason this exists is because I was originally going to have a very small chance that when you clicked onto the main page, the image would be a gif that looked back and forth like this. I can't figure out how to make something with a small chance like that however. A similar thing is that originally I was going to cycle through all the splash texts. sign i really hate knowing so little of html...

Next up is the ORIGINAL about me image. Before I had the idea for the photo pile one, I had this idea for one where Pink the cat is scribbling away wildly on a piece of paper but not drawing much of anything. Some variation of this is actually the first thing I EVER drew for this site. I just have yet to find a place to use it... maybe at the bottom of the comics page?

I absolutely saved the best for last. Also one of the first things I ever made for this site, is this gif of Pink hitting her head on her own word bubble. The only reason I haven't used this is because I can't make a good transparent version of it...

All of these are still things I would like to use on the site someday... so stay tuned for when I do!

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Users and Previews

First off, jesus christ what? I just crossed like 10,000 views on my site with an all-time high of 3,000 concurrent users! That's nuts?? You people like this site?
Second off, I have an exciting preview of things to come for you! "I'm So Goddamn Tired" is going to release relatively soon, in the collection 'For the Love of Comics' and in preparation I'm publicly showing off a preview, in the entire first page! I hope you guys love the finished version of this comic and every other story in the book when it releases.

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Little known fact; I sometimes hide secrets on things like my website. There's a flash animation on here that I'm pretty sure nobody but me and my grandma have seen. If you're curious about this... I may give you a hint!

Today's Splash: Riddled with mystery and inrigue...

Random Art Post 3

Nick the Dog painting inspired by Carl Barks' Disney Ducks paintings.

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Of Vampires, Conventions, Operas, and Giants.

I just had what was likely the single most eventful weekend of my entire life. So many thing happened in quick succession I may have a hard time writing a blog post about them all without rambling. Although I usually ramble so I guess that's ok.
Alright, so, the course of events goes like this: I see Renfield in theaters (utterly fantastic film, that alone may drive me to make a movie review segment on this site), I go to ZineFest to sell physical copies of Waking Down, I go see an Opera I did a painting for, and then I go to see They Might be Giants in concert.
Obviously, you can tell a lot happened here. Like, a lot. So let's break this down.

Renfield was one of the best movies I've ever seen. It's the kind of Hyper-Action comedy that Marvel wishes they could make but doesn't have the balls to. It was very genuine and funny and had a lot of heart and soul. Plus, you have Nicholas Cage as Dracula, so what more could you want.

ZineFest was fantastic. It was a local convention for independant zine/comic artists, almost like an American Comiket! I sold a bunch of copies of Waking Down, and got my name out there but I still have quite a few copies left. Will more than likely be setting up a comically convoluted system to sell them through my website soon, likely involving Neocities' Tip system.

Later the same day of ZineFest I saw a production of Mozart's "The Magic Flute" which was very fun. I did a background painting for the subtitles on that. As someone who's a very genuine fan of The Magic Flute, I'm sort of perturbed by that 'Harry Potter-ified' film version of it that's coming out, but that's for another blog post.

And lastly, They Might Be Giants. One of the most influential bands to me. I got to see those guys in concert and they put on a HELL of a show. Obviously the music was good, they're TMBG, but the best parts were the absurd shit they did inbetween or after the songs. Things like playing 'Sapphire Bullets' backwards and then playing back a recording of the song to make it go forwards later. Or when their trumpet guy just... kept playing for three minutes after 'Istanbul not Constantinople' ended, or when Linnel played the PHRASE "here comes santa claus" over and over for one minute. It was utterly hilarious.

Anyway, I had a great weekend, and I hope you guys did too. Thank you to everyone reading this, from the bottom of my heart, you don't know how much you mean to me.


It's Homestuck day!
It's John Egbert Day!
It's Homestuck day!

Insert that Zelda "5 days remaining" or whatever text here later.

Waking Down has been officially printed, and I'm getting ready for the convention. So far everything is coming along quite well! I sort of haven't made a... booth design! Or a nametag! But I'm sure it's alright. Everything will be fine!
Along with this, I'm well on my way to finishing 'I'm So Goddamn Tired', which needs to be finished on the... same day. (Busy day, I'm also seeing an opera).
The next day's not any calmer. The convention and the opera will be immediately followed the next day by a They Might Be Giants concert. While that's obviously incredibly awesome, I may be super exhausted afterwards. Regardless, I'm cautiously optimistic for what's coming up in the next few days.
Will post images of the printed copies of Waking Down real soon.

Mining and Crafting

In a twist that would disappoint my grandma, I've freshly gained a Minecraft hyperfixation. (Oh joy!) I've had hyperfixations on Minecraft before, but never this big before. It's lasted more than two entire days! I'm delving into the lore that totally definitely exists, building in Creative, and (most shocking of all), actually learning how to play Survival Mode! Feel free to gasp now.

I never actually played survival mode much when I was younger. I know I did for a while as a kid with my dad. We built this giant dirt monolith of a building in the middle of a swamp. Not much of a base in retrospect but the game was pretty new at that point, and very new to both of us. We eventually quit because we were bored, which I kinda get. We didn't know about advancements, or the Nether, or the End. We just knew you could walk around in this ginormous empty world and build.
I did get into creative mode later. I ended up building some genuinely kinda crazy stuff, like a full replica of Toontown from the online game of the same name, and then a recreation of that same Toontown build later when my Mom accidentally deleted it. I always really liked making rides, not like the classic Minecraft rollercoaster type ride, I liked doing ones with themeing, ones that moreso resembled Disneyland dark rides.
But anyway, the point of all this is that Minecraft is cool and you should play it with your friends.

A Day's Work.

Apologies for not posting yesterday, but I was rather busy! Busy making an entire cartoon!!.
Yesterday, for my history class, I made a satirical cartoon about Pearl Harbor. I made it in an afternoon, because I had no idea the weekend was the only time I had to workon it. It's obviously like, low budget/rushed but I'm rather proud of myself. I'm sure I'll post it on here soon, so keep an eye out for that. Special thanks to my computer for already having the entire library of Ren and Stimpy stock music installed.
As for what I'm doing next, I'm finishing up I'm So Goddamn Tired in the coming week, and I'm preparing Waking Down for it's convention print. All of this is very exciting! Although, also very overwhelming. But stay tuned, everyone! Things are about to get crazy.

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Random Art Post 2

Painting based on My Time by Bo En.

YOU are April's Fool!

It's that day again! The day that people lie on the internet. Well, uh, one of those days. There haven't been a lot of actual gags this year, though? SEGA released a Sonic point and click adventure game, but that's not really a joke, moreso just an unexpected release. They also announced a fake Samba De Amigo movie, that's a joke.
It seems like Google and Microsoft's "no jokes" policies are coming through in a rather sad way. I personally was hoping they'd finally announce who won YouTube, if you remember that joke. I'm rambling, so I digress. I did an april fools joke! Tomorrow I'll edit this post to say what it was but if you're not someone I know who I've already told, try to find it! Happy JokeDay!

Joke Explanation: I added the "End of Act 1" panel from Homestuck to the end of Act 1 of Waking Down.

Random Art Post 1

Nick the Dog robbing Casino North!

I have a huge backlog of art I never posted anywhere, or nobody saw, so I figured that those would be a good thing to post on this blog whenever I don't have anything to say! Expect to see more random/old art.

Running Out of Time

I'm unsure if I publicly announced this anywhere but I'm making, on paper with a brush pen, a for-publish continuation of my previously abandoned comic "I'm So Goddamn Tired." It's going to be in a compilation called "For The Love of Comics".
Obviously this is really cool, but the problem is, I'm running out of time to finish it. With the deadline coming up on April 15th, I'm feeling a little bit exhausted maintaining all of my other work and having to finish this so soon. I'm not saying I can't do it, because I definitely can! I'm just panicking a little.
My tomagotchi is alive and well btw.

Does This Work as a Blog?

I figured out how to make a blog! Kind of? I watched how a friend did it and didn't fully understand his code, but aped some of the format anyway. I might start posting like this every once in a while! It'll be good to keep people who don't go in my lil' chatroom updated with what I'm doing!
Next month, I'm going to have physical copies of Waking Down: Act 1 made! I'm going to sell them at a local convention. While I don't have a formal online store, I may sell leftover copies in exchange for a donation through my neocities "Send a Tip" button. Idk the price yet, or if I'll even have leftovers, I just thought it'd be a cool thing.

Today's Splash: The home of 'Waking Down'! Check the comics page.